Wholistic Island Retreats on Koh Phangan

Wholistic Island Retreats is created from a deep desire to live a balanced life in harmony with the nature, aligned with the true authentic self.

Life keeps us busy and disconnected from our soul. Relaxation is luxury, Stress is the “disease of the 21st century” , fight and flight response ensures suffering and holding us back to unleash our true magic.

Nancy, the creator of Wholistic Island Retreats, hit her breaking point after years of working in the corporate world. She was lacking Balance and Happiness in her Life. Finally she surrendered to the ever-growing call to travel the world and find her passion. With her knowledge of the ancient Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and other Healing arts, she is living today the life she wants to live.

Now is time to give back and her work is honestly rooted in empowering and guiding people to live a passionate and healthy life with purpose aligned with their authentic self, embodying a balanced body, mind and soul.

Here we create a sacred space for you, where you can surrender to Relaxation, Revive and Recharge your Body, Mind and Soul. 

Dive with us into a Wholistic journey of Yoga, Purification practices, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathwork, healthy delightful food, Ayurveda, transformational gatherings with mind-liked fellowers, nature awareness & connection, wellness programs for your soul, fun activities, Thai culture and more surprises along the way.


We want to ensure the best possible stay and experience for you, holding space and connect to everyone, that’s why the retreats are for not more than 16 participants on the magical crystal island Koh Phangan. 

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Why Koh Phangan?

Simply, because Koh Phangan is full of Magic. This island will swallow you whole with her beauty within seconds of arriving. Just close your eyes and picture the most beautifully photoshopped image of the tropical island of your dreams, and step inside that 360 reality. Feel the gentle crunch of crystal and rose quartz beneath your feet, and inhale all the greenery through your five senses. More than 70% of the land is still unspoiled and undeveloped, meaning there is a lot nature for pure healing.

Koh Phangan & Nancy…

In the last three years, Nancy designed the simple yet abundant life she always wanted to live, rooted first and foremost in Nature  of Koh Phangan. The nature continues to gift her time and time again with her boundless grounding and healing potential.

                                                            Nancy wants to share the magic of the island with other Seekers. Let’s change take place.