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Alleviate Autumnal Anxiety

Alleviate Autumnal Anxiety

Autumn anxiety is an annual increase of anxiety people experience and begin to feel at the beginning of autumn or rainy season; in Ayurveda, this is known as the Vata time. It is commonly known as seasonal affective disorder, the SAD cycle, which appropriately also...


I am Nancy, Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach & Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Founder of AyuForLife and full-time (unshakable) optimist. My mission on this Earth is to teach body-mind awareness and awaken the holistic version in all human beings with my AyuForLife one-on-one coachings, consultations, therapies, online courses, masterclasses and Wholistic Island Retreats on the tropical island Koh Phangan.

I never imagined my passion could become a lifelong profession, let alone on the island of my wildest dreams! That seemed too good to be true.