Namaste, I am Nancy

I’m an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Educator & Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Founder of AyuForLife and full-time (unshakable) optimist.

My mission on this Earth is to teach body-mind awareness and awaken the holistic version in all human beings.

I never imagined my passion

could become a lifelong profession, let alone on the island of my wildest dreams!
That seemed too good to be true.

My journey started ten years ago in Hamburg, Germany where I lived and nearly worked myself to ruin.

I completely lost my spark for life. The concept of “stop” felt totally foreign, as I allowed life to literally LIVE me with little to no time for self-care or healthy habits. After ignoring the signs for too long, I hit my breaking point in an unfulfilling corporate career on top of losing my beloved uncle and maxing out in a toxic relationship. Days of exhaustion and depression turned into weeks of waking up without purpose or direction. There’s got to be more to life than this. Something has to change.

Just like that, I took off and never looked back.


With just one backpack and an open heart, I took the big leap forward on a spiritual path, what I call the Trip of My Life. It took me all around Asia and Australia, where my Yoga path officially began. As fate had it, my path led me to India (birthplace of the ancient wisdom traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda) where I dove head first into the studies of Yoga, Ayurveda and other holistic practices. It was love at first sight….and study. I was officially hooked. Many people ask how I finally found my purpose in my work. It wasn’t always easy, but every time life knocked me down, I got right back up. I trusted that the path would unfold.

The path of Ayurveda truly changed my life.

When Ayurveda came to me, it felt like meeting a long-lost friend who happened to be the greatest healer I’ve ever known. The connection was so strong as if a light turned on in my body, breathing balance back into my life after years of burn-out. This ancient knowledge helped me understand myself more deeply. Not only that, it gave me a new perspective on life through the Vedic philosophies. At one point, it seemed strange that this didn’t exist in the West. Seriously, why doesn’t Western Medicine follow the principles of Ayurveda?

It was through this question that my life purpose was born and the Light of Ayurveda began to shine in my life.


Why Ayurveda, now?


The ancient mystics knew this, but somehow modern-day society has lost its connection with the harmonious flow of Nature. Our body-mind miracle was designed whole, healthy and vibrant. The practice of Ayurveda helps us remember this essence. For me, my mission was to step boldly on the path of helping others attune to their body-mind awareness and awaken to the holistic version within.

Knowing this is what gets me out of bed every morning. Through 8 years of personal practice, study and training with Ayurvedic doctors (every year, I travel to India for a minimum of 2 months to study with the masters), I’ve developed a natural blend of ancient wisdom with modern wellbeing to support my clients in living their lives harmoniously with Nature.

I get full-body goosebumps just thinking about it!

Some more ‘pitta’ (mind) types get curious about my qualifications. If that’s you, scroll further along to explore more 🙂
Through an East meets West approach, I believe everyone’s path to wholeness is unique. In our wholeness, how can there be anything to fix or solve?
My mission is to welcome all of you with holistic healing modalities to awaken what’s already inside and waiting to transform!
I do this through my holistic health platform called AyuForLife, where I offer one-one Ayurveda health consultations and therapies, online courses, masterclasses and Wholistic Island Retreats.

Are YOU ready to trust in yourself more deeply and meet the magic of

your body-mind awareness?

How do I show up for my clients?

I place the highest importance on creating a safe space for my clients to drop into their healing journey. Everyone has the power to design healthy habits and lifestyle plans that last, and my greatest joy is to meet you where YOU are and help you discover yours. We look at everything under the sun from diet, routines, behavior and mindset patterns — all through the lens of your unique mind-body constitution and lifestyle. Whether you’re overworked and stressed or dealing with a particular health struggle, I guide you back into your body where healing naturally begins. Feeling that yes?

Ayurveda & Yoga Qualifications


  • Ayurveda Therapist Training Level 1 with Dr Arun Sharma from Ayuskama Clinic and Institute (1 year)
  • Ayurveda Therapist Training Level 2 with Dr Arun Sharma (ongoing)
  • Abhyanga Massage Training with Dr Arun Sharma
  • Panchakarma Training with Dr Indru at Amala Hospital in Thrissur/ India
  • Ayurveda Training with Dr Ratan Singh Ayurvedic Clinic Gokarna
  • Yoga Alliance Yoga Training over 500 hrs
  • Alignment and Anatomy Training 100 hrs
  • Laughter Yoga Training
  • Kids Yoga Instructor

Get to know Nancy a bit more!

In my free time, you will find…

  • A free bird who is curious about life, cultures, deep connections and raising awareness
  • A wellness and spa lover
  • As much she likes her yoga mat she also likes to swing the kettlebell in the gym
  • A crazy dog lover – dogs give her, her doses of oxytocin/ there is no home without a dog
  • A nature lover
  • Her walking barefoot on the beach

We are the creators of our happiest and healthiest life.

When I began living mine, I understood that magic exists all around us and within us. Universal guidance is real, and always showing us the way. The question is…

Are you ready to let the Ayurveda light shine into your life?

Let’s do it together!