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 Welcome to AyuForLife – Your Haven for Holistic Wellness


Step into AyuForLife, Koh Phangan’s premier Ayurveda Health Center located at the One Yoga campus, and let the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda enhance your modern lifestyle. Here, you can find your unique pathway to health, wellness, and authentic peace of mind. Our personalized programs and services are designed to bring you closer to nature, balancing body, mind, and spirit.

Discover Our Diverse Range of Offerings
We offer it all from comprehensive therapy programs, workshops, and online courses to in-depth lifestyle coaching and 1-on-1 consultations—both online and in-person—. You can also benefit from our curated selection of Ayurvedic health products and immersive wellness treatments at our centre, located on the idyllic island of Koh Phangan.

Customized Ayurvedic Programs
Tailored just for you, our programs range from 3-day to immersive 6-8 months experiences. These packages include Ayurvedic therapies, dietary guidance, lifestyle practices, exercise recommendations, daily routines, and natural herbal medicine to restore your inner harmony.

Special Package Discounts: Invest in Wellness, Reap the Rewards
We’re thrilled to introduce our new package discounts to encourage you on this path of wellness. Opt for:

3+ Treatments: Enjoy a 10% Discount
5+ Treatments: Unlock a 15% Discount
10+ Treatments: Revel in a 20% Discount

Your Wellness Journey Starts Here
Nancy, the co-founder of AyuForLife Koh Phangan, is a passionate Ayurveda practitioner, therapist, and Yoga teacher. She is committed to continually updating their expertise to provide you with authentic Ayurvedic treatments.

For an authentic Ayurvedic experience, we sometimes need 2-3 days to prepare, as some therapies require freshly gathered natural ingredients. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

How to book an appointment?

Choose your treatment and book on the website. If you are unsure which treatment is the best for you message us on WhatsApp: +66 612270010.

We are looking forward to welcoming you with a warm smile and a cup of tea.

AyuForLife Treatment Menu

Ayurvedic Rest Program

Choose the length of your program: 3, 5 or 7 day


Welcome to our Ayurvedic Reset program – a comprehensive and personalized approach to revitalize your body, mind, and soul. Our program is designed to help you reset and rejuvenate in this moment of unprecedented stress and uncertainty.

This program includes an Ayurvedic consultation, each day 2.5 hrs of treatment and daily Yoga. After your consultation, we will design your Ayurvedic treatment plan and advise how to live and eat during your Ayurvedic Reset program with us.


1hr/ 2500THB


“The Queen of Ayurvedic oil therapies”

This treatment involves pouring a warm stream of herbalized oil over the client’s forehead. Also known as bliss therapy, Shirodhara is one of the most powerful treatments to relieve Vata & Pitta in the mind manifests as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue and psychological disorders.

Shirodhara & Foot massage

1,5 hrs / 3000THB


This treatment starts with a 30 minutes foot massage to relax your tired feet and ground you into the space.

During Shirodhara, a warm healing oil is poured on one’s forehead. Also known as bliss therapy, Shirodhara is one of the most powerful treatments to relieve Vata & Pitta in the mind manifests as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue and psychological disorders.

Abhyanga full-body massage with warm herbal oil

1/1,5 hrs/ 1500- 1800 THB


Abhyanga massage is a full-body oil massage with loving hands for longevity and purification of the body from toxins (ama). Abhyanga promotes longevity, nourishes every part of the body, relieves pain, stiffness, and tiredness and reduces stress.

Signature Treatment

Abhyanga & Shirodhara

2hr/ 3500 THB


Our Signature Treatment combines two of the most popular ancient Ayurvedic treatments – Abhyanga & Shirodhara.

Combining these two potent treatments helps connect the body and mind at a deeper level while removing toxins, increasing circulation and completely relaxing the muscles.

Shiro - & Mukha Abhyanga

Head- & Face massage with Kansa Wand


An Ayurvedic head and facial massage concentrate on an increased flow of energy as “marmas” or energy points are gently massaged. The rejuvenation treatment relaxes and restores areas around the forehead, the head, the eyes, nose, mouth and uplifts the facial muscles, eases neck and shoulders tension.

Ayurvedic Facial with organic herbs & oils



The best treatment for bright, radiant and rejuvenated skin. 

The session is personally tailored according to skin doshas and includes ancient Ayurvedic facial massage techniques to support lymph, blood and energetic circulation to reveal your natural beauty. The facial steps include: cleansing, exfoliation (scrub), manual massage, Kansa marma massage and natural facial mask. 


Nasal Treatment

45 mins/ 1000 THB or 2500 THB (3 treatments)


Nasyam involves the administration of medicated oils, herbal juices, or powders through the nasal passage. The nose is considered a gateway to the brain, lungs, and deeper tissues. It clears accumulated toxins from the head and neck region and gives relief to sinusitis and migraines.

Karan Poorna

Ear Oiling

45 mins/ 1000 THB or 2500 THB (3 treatments)


Karan Poorna, involves the administration of warm, medicated oils into the ears. It’s a specialized Ayurvedic therapy focusing on treating various ear-related issues.
The ears are vital sense organs, and Ayurveda believes that many Vata-related issues manifest in the ears. Karan Poorna aims to balance the Vata dosha, which in turn benefits not just the ears but the entire body.

External Vastis – minimum 3 treatments

1hr / 4500 (for 3 treatments)


Vastis are a procedure in which comfortably warm medicated oil is kept over a specific area of the body for a period of time with the help of a specially formed frame ring prepared from black gram powder.

This treatment is effective in relieving pain, healing injury and nourishing a specific area.

Patra Pinda Sveda Bolus

Leave treatment – minimum 3 treatments

1hr/4500 (for 3 treatments)



Patra means leaves of medicinal plants. Pinda means a bolus. Sveda means fomentation or sudation. This procedure is unique, which comprises both snehana (oileation) and svedana (sudation). Patra Pinda Sveda is also highly effective in the management of pain. The bolus of leaves (Patra Pinda Sweda) is used especially in conditions like sciatica and osteoarthritis. It rejuvenates and strengthens the joints, soft tissues and muscles in the body.

Baluka Pinda Sveda

Sand Sundation treatment – minimum 3 treatments

1hr/3500 (for 3 treatments)


Baluka translates to sand while Sveda translates to sweat-inducing.In this therapy, heated sand is used to relieve swelling. Baluka Sveda is most effective for conditions characterized by swelling, heaviness, and stiffness. Baluka Sveda is a very beneficial treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. It helps in pacifying Vata and Kapha doshas, cures joint pains and rheumatism, treats back pain and muscle stiffness & relieves muscle spasms and sprains.

Kukutanda Pinda Sveda

Egg Bolus massage

1hr/3500THB (for 3 treatments)

Kukutanda means Egg Yolk, Pinda means bolus. Sveda means fomentation or sudation.

Kukutanda Pinda Sveda we are using the healing properties of the protein in eggs to treat paralysis, muscle wasting or muscle atrophy, facial palsy and frozen shoulders. The treatment uses boiled egg yolks, which are mixed with various herbs and oils and made into bolus that are massaged onto the body. It is also a very good facial treatment to nourish the skin and reduce wrinkles.


Dry Powder massage

1hr/8400THB (for 7 treatments)

Udvartana therapy is a dry massage that is based on the use of powders composed of herbs, minerals and medicinal species.

The treatment stimulates the metabolic process of the body. This treatment pacifies aggravated Kapha and reduces excess fat from the subcutaneous tissues. The therapy effectively treats conditions like diabetes, diabetes neuropathy, lymphatic congestion, water retention and swelling, and obesity.

AyuForLife Bliss package


AyuForLife Bliss package is designed to relax, nourish and vitalize the body & mind.

It includes two highlights of Ayurvedic treatments: full-body massages (Abhyanga) and pouring of warm liquids onto the forehead (Shirodhara). In addition to an Ayurvedic facial treatment with organic herbal blends, oils and Kansa wand marma face massage. Completed with a relaxing head massage.

An excellent way to pamper yourself and indulge in a natural Ayurveda experience.

Private Yoga with Nancy

1,5 hrs/1500THB

In-person & online

Prepare to be guided into discovering your body-mind awareness with Nancy’s Yoga classes.

Nancy’s Yoga classes are intentionally crafted with a slower, gentle pace to give you the time to adjust yourself into each asana, whilst staying grounded in the present moment.

Classes can be held in English or German.

Client Love

Happy Clients share their Ayurveda Experience

Tiffany from the USA shares her Abhyanga – full body massage experience.

Andrey from Russia shares his Shiodhara experience at AyuForLife.

Brett from the UK shares his Shirodhara bliss experience. He calls the treatment the 3rd Eye Shizzle.

Chrissy from Germany speaks about her Abhyanga & Shirodhara experience with Nancy.

Treat yourself and dance with the ancient movement of Ayurvedic therapies.

Harmony, wholeness, mind-body health & awareness are at the core of who we are and what we offer.