Ayurveda For Women’s Health

12-week Online Course

More details & dates COMING SOON!


Ayurveda Menstrual Awareness Online Course Waiting List

    Ayurveda For Women’s Health Online Course

    October/ November 2024

    Join the waiting for the upcoming 12-week Ayurveda For Women’s Health Online Course. 
    Each week, explore new video modules, deepening your understanding of Ayurveda’s role in women’s health through all stages of womanhood.

    • Weekly video modules released over 12 weeks.
    • Interactive live sessions to connect, recapture, Q&A
    • Exclusive guest teacher for female health and specialized yoga classes for women.
    • Learn how Ayurveda can support each stage of womanhood
    • Learn Ayurvedic principles for menstrual balance, women health & holistic self-care.
    • Learn how to support perimenopause, premenopause and menopause with Ayurveda
    Early Access:

    We’re putting the final touches on this wonderful Ayurveda Online Course for Women, set to start in October/November 2024.
    To stay updated with all the details and be the first to sign up, join the waiting list now.