Nancy Huettig

Wholistic Mentor, Ayurveda EXPERT, yoga teacher & Reiki MASTER 

 Become the healthy version of yourself  you want to be and live a life truly alive.

Nancy Huettig

Wholistic Coaching & Healing Arts

 Find your purpose which is aligned with your authentic self

By Wholistic, I mean that which is whole, balanced and therefore, complete.

To live a wholistic life is to practice embodying a balanced body, mind, and soul aligned with your highest authentic self.
My coaching philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach, drawing on the diverse knowledge of ancient Ayurveda, YogaMeditation and other Healing Arts.

My intention is, to meet you excatly where you are on your journey and design an individual program for you, which will help you to align yourself more with your unqiue constitutional makeup. In this personalized health practice, you will get empowered to become your own student of your Dosha or mind-body type (there are three: Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and arrive at your own self-healing through guidance and knowledge of the optimal diet, exercise/yoga practice, supplements, herbal medicine, treatments, mantras and other lifestyle choices for your type.

Start Your Wholistic Journey

6-weeks Wholistic Mentoring

Get to know yourself better, design your dream life & have the relationship you want. 
” A life infused with meaning and purpose is a successful life.”
~Deepak Chopra~

Wholistic Island Retreats

Immerse yourself in the art of living wholistically in mind,   body and soul at Nancy’s retreats on the magical crystal island Koh Phangan.

Not sure if Wholistic Mentoring is for you? Let’s talk. 

Not sure if Wholistic Coaching is for you?

Let’s Talk

Hi, I am Nancy

I am a Wholistic Mentor, Ayurvedic expert, Certified Yoga Teacher, & Reiki Master based on Koh Phangan in Thailand. My work is rooted in empowering and guiding people to live a passionate life with purpose aligned with their authentic self, embodying a balanced body, mind, and soul with the Nature.

           ” Let the beauty of what you love to be what you do.” ~Rumi~





I first met Nancy at a conference in Singapore late 2016. Recently we met again at another business conference in Vietnam. This time I took couple Yoga sessions with Nancy, it was amazing.

I never understood Yoga before, I thought (just like anybody else) I had to be flexible, and Yoga was about training your body to be flexible.
After practiced with Nancy, I now understand it is about connecting our body, our mind with the universe. Nancy taught me how to breathe, how to empty my mind to release all of the tension and stress that I have.

Nancy is so passionate about Yoga and about helping people to receive the benefit that Yoga can bring. I can’t thank Nancy enough for the lessons she taught me. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who wants to discover the secret of Yoga because Nancy
can surely show you the way.


Kevin Phan, Director of Nexus Real Estate Melbourne Australia


Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget what is really important in our lives. Meeting Nancy was a reminder that there are wonderful healers who can make a difference and assist in bringing us back to what really matters.

Nancy is a beautiful, caring, compassionate and understanding person who provides a safe, warm environment to allow the healing process to take place.

The benefits are ongoing and I’m definitely feeling much lighter emotionally and more grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I’ve decided that gratitude is definitely the best attitude and I know that great things will follow.


Liz Rodgers


Nancy Huettig is a beautiful woman and a wonderful yoga teacher. I was an absolute beginner in what it means to enter the “yoga world”. Before i came to Nancy i was a man who was living in the past with dreams in a perfect future. Unable to thinking positive, couldn’t relax, and in a bad body condition. Nancy with her long years experience in yoga, consulting, reiki and life coaching made it in short time that i feel much better. I start to think positive, i can more and more relaxing and through the exercises on the yoga mat get my body unbelievable flexible.

She teach me also how important it is to avoid wrong food, drinks and to live in the here and now. And this all happens after a few weeks working together. Nancy lives what she teach from deepest conviction and that is the reason i believe her and that makes it easy for me to learn my lessons. I m very happy and thankful that we had found us and i always can’t wait for the next lesson. By the way, she teaches in german and english.


Matthias Wind


I have known Nancy for quite some years. We have met in Corporate Business. It’s fantastic and inspiring to witness her development. As for myself, I am in deep process of transformation and with some of my concerns, I have asked Nancy for advice, With her specific questions, I went into self-reflection and thus could solve some of my issues.

Supported by her positive attitude I was always quickened and followed my path of spiritual growth. She let me feel I was and still am on the right track and this encourages me thoroughly. Even though we’re miles apart (me living in Berlin, her in Koh Phangan), we have a sufficient communication via skype or messanger and she would always get back to me in time.

I am grateful for her inspiration, her positive energy, and her improvement!


Dinah Wilde



Significance of Ayurveda in the “New Normal”

November 21st | Saturday | 4 pm to 6 pm ICT

10 am Germany | 9 am UK | 8 pm Australia | 4 pm Thailand

Online Event

The Ayurvedic Healing Kitchen Workshop (10 hrs) with Dr Dimple Arora from Bangkok

December 11th & 12th | 1 pm to 6 pm

at Buddha Cafe Koh Phangan

„Every decision I make is the right one for me.“

                                                                  ~ Louise Hay~