Nasyam – Nasal Treatment

Recommended 3-5 treatments

Nasyam is one of the five purification treatments (known as Panchakarma) in Ayurveda. It involves the administration of medicated oils, herbal juices, or powders through the nasal passage.

Nasyam is practised to cleanse, purify, and strengthen the nasal passages, allowing for improved breathing and overall health.

Effects of Nasyam:
The nose is considered a gateway to the brain, lungs, and deeper tissues. The medicated substances administered during Nasyam penetrate the bloodstream, producing beneficial effects on various body parts, including the brain.

Benefits of Nasyam:

  • Clears out accumulated toxins from the head and neck region.
  • Improves circulation to the brain, enhancing cognitive abilities like memory, concentration, and clarity.
  • Relieves sinusitis and migraines.
  • Enhances functioning of sense organs.
  • Provides relief from nasal congestion and allergies.
  • Prevents premature greying of hair and hair loss.
  • Rejuvenates the facial skin and improves its complexion.
  • Relieves stiffness, congestion, and inflammation in the head and neck region.
  • Relieves conditions like insomnia, stress, and anxiety.


Nasyam has been used to treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Sinusitis and chronic rhinitis
  • Migraine and tension headaches
  • Hair problems like hair fall and premature greying
  • Neurological disorders like facial paralysis
  • Neck and shoulder diseases
  • Mental and emotional disorders like stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Certain skin diseases
  • Chronic colds or nasal congestion
  • Diseases of the throat, tonsils, and adenoids


Nasyam should be avoided: 

  • Immediately after consuming food or drink
  • Pregnancy and menstruation
  • Acute fever and inflammation
  • Chronic nosebleeds
  • Cancers of the nasal or throat regions
  • Recent trauma or surgery to the nasal, brain, or neck area
  • Severe or acute respiratory diseases
  • Certain eye conditions


Duration: 45 mins


1000 THB- Single Session

2500 THB  – 3 sessions

3720 THB – 5 sessions


No treatments during menstruation.  

Before your Ayurvedic Treatment at AyuForLife, you should prepare for the session beforehand to get the full benefits from the therapy.

Here are a few points which you may keep in mind:

  • You may require additional rest after the therapy.
  • As this Ayurvedic therapy purifies your senses and mind in general, you may use this time to avoid any unwanted stressful thoughts.
  • Try and avoid large gatherings post-session. Spend the rest of the day in a quiet, relaxed ambience.
  • Avoid screen time & social media.
  • Avoid having a heavy, full meal before the session. Instead opt for a light, healthy snack or meal.

Kind Words of Clients

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