For Ladies: Free Online Restorative Yoga Class for Menstruation

Restorative Yoga for Menstruation with Nancy

24. July 2022 at 3 PM ICT

10 am Germany | 9 am UK | 6 PM Australia | 3 PM Thailand

Class duration: 75 minutes


Wonderful woman, Nancy warmly invites you to join her Free Live Online Restorative Yoga Class for Menstruation on Sunday, July 24th at 3 PM ICT.

Are you somebody who pushes through your menstruation time? 

If yes, I was the same a few years ago. Today, I am on menstrual leave 2-3 days a month.

I only do rest, self-care, and restorative yoga during my menses.

I see so many women ignoring their natural urge to cocoon inwards.

With this restorative yoga class I invite you to honor your cycle, pause and rest.

My free restorative yoga class for women Sunday (July 24th) is the answer your body yearns for. Honor your sacred cycle, honor your body, slow down a few gears and ease the pace for profound benefits. 

Restorative means just that: to restore. It’s a wonderful way to support your transition back to feeling well and back to your usual self.

This is the class that honors your body’s needs, designed to support healthy menstruation. 

I will guide you in a comfortable, gentle yoga class, using pillows, cushions, blankets and blocks, you will feel maximum benefits and the warmest experience.

Become body-wise, and support your menstrual health by participating in the friendly class I am holding for you on July 24th.

I invite you to get cosy in your comfy clothes, roll out your mat, light a candle and incense, and prepare your props, for my most deeply restorative relaxing class yet. 

Every woman is welcome whether you are menstruating or not. This class is online and free of charge.

Feel free to bring a girlfriend. 

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About Nancy

Nancy is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Educator, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of AyuForLife programs.  

She is also the Owner and Founder of AyuForLife Treatments on Koh Phangan, where you can experience ancient Ayurvedic therapies in paradise. 

There was once a time when Nancy was consumed by an unfulfilling corporate career, where the concept of stopping for breath, for self-care, or healthy habits didn’t get a look-in, where days of exhaustion and depression turned into weeks, waking up every day without purpose or direction.  

She had lost her spark for life.

Nancy had found her healer; Yoga allowed her to connect back to her body, mind and soul. She regained balance, a sense of connection with herself, newfound energy as well as a new passion.

To date, she has completed more than 800 hrs of certified trainings and has taught hundreds of students.  

Nancy now teaches students to become Yoga teachers, giving in-person and online classes as well as integrating Yoga into her Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching programs.  

She combines her personal Yoga practice with cardio circuit training for ultimate balance, strength and flexibility.  

Yoga changed Nancy’s life and in turn, inspires others by sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga to help others heal from where she also once was. 

                                                                    “For me, my Yoga practice is to come home, home to who I am.”

Free Live Restorative Yoga Class with Nancy

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Free Live Restorative Yoga Class with Nancy

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