Ayurveda At-Home Spring Detox


Ayurveda At-Home Spring Detox

Detox week: 17-24 April

Led by Nancy Huettig

From Heaviness To Spring Groove – Sprinkle Life Into Springtime

Springtime invites us to detox or live from inside to outside.

This Ayurveda At-Home spring Detox is a great opportunity to break bad habits and cleanse ama out of the body.

It will be a gentle cleanse, doable with a working schedule without starving.

If you have never done a Spring or Ayurvedic detox, that is your invitation to join me – gentle, easy, no starving, supported and guided.

Well, hello Spring 😉

We all welcome the arrival of spring, the sigh of relief at the first shoots of the flowers, signs of warmer, lighter days are on the way.

New beginnings, the dawn in the wheel of the year, nature’s had a good rest, promising fresh starts, blossoms, it’s time for us to catch up.

Ayurveda brings understanding to our connection to the natural world; this ancient science highly advocates for living in sync with the seasons. It’s the perfect time for spring cleaning, both your body and the house, garden, and wardrobe.

When we honor the season, adapt our lifestyle, go with the flow using daily routines in the way that supports our health and wellbeing, in turn we balance our immune system, our digestive fire, and the state of our doshas. In the spring, it’s especially important to balance Kapha because Kapha accumulates during winter which can create disease.


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