Ayurvedic Reset on
Koh Phangan 

Choose your length: 3, 5 or 7 days

An Ayurveda Experience to reset & revitalize your body, mind and soul

Reset & Recharge with Ayurvedic wisdom 

Can be booked anytime

Choose your length: 3, 5 or 7 days

Location: AyuForLife Koh Phangan

This Ayurvedic Reset program has been developed specifically for this moment in time; tailoring together stress,burn-out, and recovery from sickness programs to reset and revitalize your body, mind and soul. 

When we are suffering from excess stress, many systems in the body can be negatively affected: the digestive system and metabolic function (including imbalances in body weight), the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the immune system.

Excess stress can also impact our mental and emotional states, our relationships, as well as the health of our bones (and related tissues such as the teeth, hair, and nails).

Ayurvedic therapies are well-known and have been experienced for thousands of years as being effective in aiding recovery from illness, stress and rebalancing the system. 

During the global pandemic crisis, our mental and emotional resilience as well as our immunity have been tested to the max, putting many of us through the wringer. Coping with health problems whilst isolation is imposed on us, topped off with stress-related anxieties has had a cumulative effect on our wellbeing. This Ayurvedic Reset program is to help you to revitalize, recover your strength, calm your nervous system, and replenish the energy of the body.

Not only a pandemic but also our modern fast-paced lifestyles and the desire to achieve sometimes lead us to neglect our body’s need for rest and rejuvenation. Continually drawing from our body’s energetic reserves eventually results in symptoms of imbalance in body and mind.

This is your opportunity to reset and reconnect with your essence, to restore a sense of radiant vitality with an extensive selection of Ayurvedic treatments to nourish your body and mind. 


What you’ll get:

  • 1x Ayurvedic Consultation 
  • Summary of the Consultation and Ayurveda Lifestyle Plan by email with Ayurveda lifestyle, diet and herbal medicine suggestions
  • 2hrs Ayurveda Treatments per day
  • Ayurveda guidance during the length of your program

What is not included:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals 

If you are coming to Koh Phangan for our Ayurvedic Reset program, talk to us! We are happy to help with finding accommodation close to AyuForLife. 

Program goals:

    • Recover your strength 

    • Calm your nervous system 

    • Replenish the energy of your bod

    • Revitalize & reset body, mind and soul for deep relaxation 

Recommended for those who:

  • Need burnout recovery
  • Are struggling with Long Covid and recovery
  • Need stress resilience 
  • Yearn to calm the nervous system
  • Want gift body-mind with self-care and nourishment 

Following Ayurvedic therapies are available:

    • Abhyanga 
    • Shirodhara 
    • Kizhi 
    • External Vasthis 
    • Udvarthanam
    • Nasyam
    • Ayurvedic facial treatment


After your consultation, we will design your Ayurvedic Treatment plan and advise how to live and eat during your Ayurvedic Reset program with us. 

Onsite Koh Phangan program

Rejuvenanting Ayurvedic Reset

3 days –  13,500 THB
5 days –  21,000 THB
7 days –  28,000  THB


We accept cash, Thai bank transfer or Wise.

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Stress and Covid Recovery Therapy through Ayurvedic wisdom.

This Ayurvedic Reset program has been developed specifically for this moment in time; tailoring together a stress and Covid recovery program to reset and revitalize your body, mind and soul. 


“Life span, complexion, strength, health, enthusiasm, corpulence, lustre, immunity, energy, heat processes and vital breath – all these depend on body fire (Agni). One dies if this body fire is extinguished, lives long free from disorders if it is functioning properly, gets ill if it is deranged, hence Agni is the root cause of all.”

– Caraka Samhita –

Your Ayurvedic Expert

Nancy is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach & Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Founder of AyuForLife Koh Phangan and full-time (unshakable) optimist. Here to teach body-mind awareness to awaken the holistic version of all human beings. She offers AyuForLife one-on-one Ayurveda Lifestyle coaching, consultations and therapies, online courses, masterclasses and retreats.

She has over 7 years of personal practice, study and training with Ayurvedic doctors (every year, she travels to India for a minimum of 2 months to study with the masters), she has developed a natural blend of ancient wisdom with modern well-being to support my clients in living their lives harmoniously with Nature.

Currently, she is studying with Dr Arun Sharma from Ayuskama Ayurvedic Institute & Panchakarma Centre Ayurveda Therapist Level 2 online training. 

Her Pitta/Vata constitution drives her zest for life, which she leads with a passionate, structured and honest heart.