This Sanskrit word means “union” and was created to activate the mind-body connection. Like Ayurveda, the ancient practice of Yoga is a whole system and way of being in the world. The experience of Yoga brings ever greater alignment to one’s ability to be present and fully alive in every moment, a dynamic meditation in its own way. By bringing more attention to our daily life, we are quite literally training the muscle of the mind to expand and channel inner flow, gratitude and overall happiness. The walls and self-limiting grooves of the mind and heart slowly break down, giving birth to spaciousness — spaciousness to imagine and feel into fuller possibilities! In the practice of Yoga, we first build our stability in the physical postures and from there, strength and flexibility follow naturally. We make this imprint on our mind-body connection, which feeds us both on and off the mat. In a balanced and whole life, we are doing the same — bringing flexibility, strength and lightness to all that we do no matter the challenges life tries to throw at us. Yoga grounds us in the timeless wisdom and insights we carry within, always. Not to mention, Yoga is for all stripes and colors — no one is left behind in the practice. Again, it’s all about personalizing for your unique mind-body type!


90 mins (1-2 people)

Private yoga classes offer beginners and advanced practitioners the opportunity to develop and deepen their personal yoga practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. All sequences will be designed and adapted to your individual needs and wishes. Together we will be looking at your goals and priorities and create an individual, diverse yoga program which you can continue on. Classes can be hold in German or English language.

The private yoga classes can take place at my house in Tonglang on Koh Phangan or I can come to your house for a private yoga session for an additional travelling cost.


90 mins (1-2 people)

Private Group Yoga Session provides a wonderful opportunity for friends/family to get together consistently and strengthen connections in a healthy positive way. How great to experience the wonderful benefits of yoga with those special people in your life – the ones you always wish you could see more often.

Private Group Yoga Sessions can be hold at my house in Tonglang on Koh Phangan or at your place wherever you stay on the island for an additional travelling cost.

You holding a retreat or event and need a professional yoga teacher? Get in touch and write to me in the contact form below to set an appointment for a call or meet up.


The “Ultimate Realignment Retreat” is essentially powered by the spirit of alignment and medicine of yoga, natural movements, and healthy food. By realigning the body, mind and soul, we are always simultaneously receiving our own natural flow and abundance.

„Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind“

~ Patanjali ~


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