Private Yoga with Nancy

In-person & online


Prepare to be guided into discovering your body-mind awareness with Nancy’s Yoga classes.

Nancy’s Yoga classes are intentionally crafted with a slower, gentle pace to give you the time to adjust yourself into each asana, whilst staying grounded in the present moment.

With detailed attention to physical alignment, Nancy has a wonderful way of explaining and helping you create your own understanding of which parts of the body to use, how to position your body and which parts must be engaged in each asana to build strength and stability.


Benefit from her extensive knowledge using pranayama & meditation techniques, incorporating elements of somatic practices to regulate the nervous system, including elements of her Ayurveda knowledge, Nancy will guide you into discovering alignment within both your body and mind.
Nancy will lead you to awaken the hidden holistic side she knows is already within you through your Yoga and Ayurvedic practice. Tapping into your inner awareness, Nancy’s yoga classes are a perfect resourcing therapy for body, mind and soul. All sensations, emotions, and feelings are welcome here.
Nancy’s highest intention is to connect her students back to their wholeness, to feel connected with nature and their true inner self.

She loves to see her students leave their mat with a sense of balance within themselves and with their outer world, wearing a smile of inner peace and calmness.

Join Nancy’s class to discover your holistic self through Yoga.

Classes can be held in English or German.

A little bit about Nancy’s Yoga journey

  • Nancy is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and the Founder of AyuForLife programs.
  • She is the owner of AyuForLife Treatments on Koh Phangan where you can experience ancient Ayurvedic therapies in paradise.
  • Nancy found her passion for Yoga after she left her home country of Germany after she had worked herself almost into ruin.
  • She had lost her spark for life. The concept of “stop” felt totally foreign to her, she had allowed life to literally LIVE her with little to no time left for self-care or healthy habits. After ignoring the signs for too long in an unfulfilling corporate career, on top of losing her beloved uncle and maxing out in a toxic relationship, she hit her breaking point. Days of exhaustion and depression turned into weeks, waking up every day without purpose or direction. She knew within herself there had to be more to life than this. Something had to change.
  • Yoga was her healer, allowing her to connect back to her body, mind and soul.
  • She regained balance, a sense of feeling connected with herself, newfound energy and a new passion.
  • She enjoyed her first Yoga class in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, from where her Yoga journey and curiosity continued.
  • She developed her practice all over Asia and found a wonderful yogic community in Melbourne where she spent a year of her travels.
  • Until finally, she travelled to the motherland of Yoga – India.
  • There she did her training to become a Yoga teacher.
  • When she moved to Koh Phangan she started to teach her first classes.
  • She has completed more than 800 hrs of certified training.
  • She has taught hundreds of students.
  • Today Nancy herself is teaching students to become Yoga teachers, giving in-person and online classes and integrating Yoga into her Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching programs.
  • Personally, she combines her Yoga practice with cardio circuit training for ultimate balance, strength and flexibility.

“For me, my Yoga practice is to come home, home to who I am”

Kind Words of Clients

Do you wish to unleash the holistic version of yourself that has been hiding within?