Meditation goes hand in hand with relaxation. A tranquil mind is a prerequisite for meditation. We commonly use the term meditation to describe practices that can lead us to the experience of meditation. There are many different forms of meditation that can be practised including sitting meditation, walking meditation, and chanting. There are als many different types of techniques. Kaya Sthairyam, Om Chanting, Japa, Ajapa, Trataka, Dharma techniques, each have a different focus, but all move towards the state of meditation. Whilst meditation is usually developed through specific practice, ultimately it becomes a part of every moment, a way of life.



Learn how to meditate and live a happier, healthier life with just few minutes meditation a day.

I will teach you simple meditation techniques for beginners, which will help you to start a regular meditation practice on your own.

You will experience great benefits with a daily meditation ritual. Only 15 minutes meditation a day can bring a great change into your state of consciousness and living more aware and aligned. 

  • Relieves stress & anxiety
  • Increases energy & vitality
  • Improves health greatly
  • Promotes spiritual growth

Meditation sessions between 45- 60 mins personally or online.
In all my yoga classes I also include a short meditation practice. 

„Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawarness has built.“

~ Sadhguru~


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