Free Live Restorative Yoga Class with Nancy

Tapping into your inner awareness.
A perfect resourcing therapy for body, mind and soul.

26. November 2021 at 2 PM ICT

8 am Germany | 7 am UK | 6 PM Australia | 2 PM Thailand

Class duration: 75 minutes


Free Live Restorative Yoga Class with Nancy

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Nancy warmly invites you to join her Free Live Online Restorative Yoga Class on 26th November.

An invitation to slow down and embrace the power of rest.

This class is perfect for you if you are feeling a bit low, exhausted, anxious or under the weather lately. I know, life is lived at a furious pace these days and slowing down isn’t easy for everyone.  

Prepare to be guided into discovering your body-mind awareness with this gentle Yoga class. This Yoga class is perfect to balance your overactive Vata-mind. 

Restorative Yoga is a restful practice that is about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Tapping into your inner awareness, Nancy’s yoga classes are a perfect resourcing therapy for body, mind and soul. All sensations, emotions, and feelings are welcome here.

Nancy’s highest intention is to connect her students back to their wholeness, to feel connected with nature and their true inner self.

She loves to see her students leave their mat with a sense of balance within themselves and with their outer world, wearing a smile of inner peace and calmness. You deserve to feel good!

Join Nancy’s class to discover your holistic self through a wonderful restorative yoga class.

Don’t worry if you miss the live class you will receive the recording 24 hrs after the class.

Free Live Restorative Yoga Class with Nancy

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About Nancy

Nancy is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Founder of AyuForLife programs.  

She is also the Owner and Founder of AyuForLife Treatments on Koh Phangan, where you can experience ancient Ayurvedic therapies in paradise. 

There was once a time when Nancy was consumed by an unfulfilling corporate career, where the concept of stopping for breath, for self-care, or healthy habits didn’t get a look-in, where days of exhaustion and depression turned into weeks, waking up every day without purpose or direction.  

She had lost her spark for life.

Nancy had found her healer; Yoga allowed her to connect back to her body, mind and soul. She regained balance, a sense of connection with herself, newfound energy as well as a new passion.

To date, she has completed more than 800 hrs of certified trainings and has taught hundreds of students.  

Nancy now teaches students to become Yoga teachers, giving in-person and online classes as well as integrating Yoga into her Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching programs.  

She combines her personal Yoga practice with cardio circuit training for ultimate balance, strength and flexibility.  

Yoga changed Nancy’s life and in turn, inspires others by sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga to help others heal from where she also once was. 

                                                                    “For me, my Yoga practice is to come home, home to who I am.”