Ayurveda Menstrual Awareness 4-Week Online Course

Understand your cycle from an Ayurvedic lens and rebalance menstrual problems

Next course starts in September/ October – Dates COMING SOON!

2 hrs + minutes on Zoom


This 4-week course is built to provide meaningful education about the menstrual cycle through an Ayurvedic lens and will help you to rebalance menstrual problems and prevent female disorders.

Alongside you will also learn the wisdom behind the menstrual practices that have existed within the human knowledge sphere for thousands of years.

This course is live with Nancy in person sharing her Ayurvedic passion and wisdom for Women’s health.
We will meet over 4 weeks every Saturday for 2 hrs+ live on Zoom. We will support each other during the course duration on a Telegram group.
You will receive an Ayurvedic Menstrual Awareness ebook.

Become body & Ayurveda-wise, attuned to your natural cycle with Ayurvedic wisdom.

This course is for: 

  • All women who want to understand their menstrual cycle from an Ayurvedic approach and prevent female disorders.  
  • Women who suffer from menstrual problems like painful menstruation, PMS, Endometriosis, Menorrhagia, PCOS etc.
  • Women who want to sync into their menstrual superpowers and use their menstruation as a gift knowing the Dosha phases of your cycle. 

  • Parents, caregivers and future parents who want to learn about healthy menstruation so that they can pass on these teachings to their daughters. This knowledge is very valuable for the next generation. Allowing our children to develop a healthy relationship with their female body and menstruation. 


Live Online: New Dates Coming Soon


4x Saturdays each session is LIVE FOR 2 hrs+


Get comfortable with a notebook and pen.

Course Price Only 599€

Are you aware that menstruation problems are an insightful reflection of overall health?

This ancient knowledge is often perceived as discriminatory against women, however, once you understand the science behind these concepts, you will discover it’s completely the opposite.

My dear, I promise it will blow your mind. 

It’s time to address the taboos and nip controversy in the bud.

It’s time to bring this ancient practice back to honoring ourselves, to become body and Ayurveda-wise to live healthier, in sync with the rhythm of our natural cycle, living in flow with the body rather than against it.


To understand these practices we need to learn about Ayurveda and understand the Doshas, Agni, Ama, and the five elements. The DoshasKapha, Pitta, and Vatadescribe the stages of the female cycle, each of which has its own set of fabulous qualities, considerations and activities perfectly suited to each one of them. 

When you discover what to do, when to be on the go, and when to stop and recharge, you will harness every ounce of your magical superwoman powers to bring success and vitality into your life.

“Through dedication to the Wise Earth Ayurveda healing practices, you can finally regain your inner calm and strength.” – Maya Tiwari – Women’s Power to Heal 

Did you know,

that you should avoid washing your hair whilst on your period because it actually stops your menstruation? This impacts you by impeding your natural balance and flow, which, in turn, has negative repercussions on your health and overall well-being.

Ancient techniques passed down through the practice of Ayurveda and Yoga over thousands of years are the natural, holistic way to interrupt and break the chain of negative generational patterns in western society.

This is worldwide knowledge that, although long-forgotten by some, is relevant to all menstruating females; the course even includes practices my mum learnt from my grandmother.


“It has been an amazing experience taking this course with Nancy. It gave me a better understanding of the women’s cycle and how to deal with each stage using ancient ayurvedic magic tricks.

Incorporating this natural method to ease the cycle was so easy and had such an immediate positive effect on my symptoms.

Also, there was such great support from the Telegram group, from Nancy’s tips to the other participants’ interactions in real-time.

I highly recommend joining the next one to benefit from the women’s power that exists in our menstrual cycle! “

– Veronica Sanchez-

Over the 4 weeks we will cover:

  • Ayurvedic principles: Doshas, the elements, Agni, Ama
  • Learn about the influence of the Doshas in each phase of your cycle
  • Traditional health with Yoga science – Chakras & Panchakosha
  • Ancient menstrual practices and the science behind them
  • Guidance on living more in flow with the different phases of your cycle
  • Lifestyle suggestions around nutrition, movement, rituals
  • Life management must-haves to sync your calendar with your cycle
  • Healthy Menstrual Routine: Rajasvala Paricharya
  • Connect to your flow by knowing your cycle
  • A basic understanding of female disorders and the involved dosha(s)

Here is what you get:

  • Weekly Live Calls with Nancy duration of 2hrs+ minutes
  • Each interactive Zoom session includes: an educational teaching element; Q&A time; a sharing circle; a meditation or restorative yoga poses to integrate the knowledge learnt in the session to put the wisdom into practice 
  • Replay of the live sessions is made available 24 hrs after the session, accessible for the whole course duration
  • An ebook with all of the course lessons
  • Telegram shakti support group for the course duration and 4 weeks after
  • Weekly holistic inspirations by email or in the Telegram group

Your Bonus:

  • Get 15% off Nancy’s 1-on-1 coaching packages
  •  Restorative Yoga Class for healthy menstrual flow (recorded)

How will this course positively impact your life?

    • Develop a positive attitude toward menstruation
    • Help women to rebalance menstrual problems
    • Learn to work in sync with nature’s cyclesnot against it
    • Being body-wise and attuned to your personal cycle gives greater self-awareness to live a more harmonious, empowered life in alignment with your superpowers
    • Help women prevent menstrual difficulties
    • Develop a healthy menstruation routine using ancient and modern wisdom
    • Feel less overwhelmed and stressed out by your ‘To Do’ list by aligning your personal and professional creative projects with your menstrual cycle
    • Improve relationships with loved ones by knowing what you need and therefore able to communicate it to them


    “Thank you very much for this really interesting and knowledgeable course.

    My purpose to attend this course was that I wanted to learn more about the ayurvedic understanding of women’s cycle and to learn why I have this heavy menstrual pain and quite often strong PMS Symptoms and what I can do about it. So Nancy you gave me a really good understanding of why this can happen and also what I can change during my whole cycle to be more balanced and aligned with my body constitution and be more healthy in general. For me, it was a good reminder to take care of myself. To nourish and cherish me with good daily routines. I am already doing tongue scraping and hot water drinking in the morning for a couple of years but I was eating again too many cold, raw and acid-creating foods. So my menstruation is always very painful and has also other symptoms of inflammation in my body. With the booklet of 69 pages!!! you gave us good and understandable information so we can re-read it anytime. I love the group chat to exchange our “experiences” in cooking recipes and how we felt during the cycle. This gave me the feeling of being supported by you and also the other ladies. 

    Thank you Nancy, you are so generous and in any course (Yoga, Ayurvedic, Detox) I can feel your passion and love for what you teach. “

    – Sonja Surmont-

    The menstrual cycle itself in Ayurveda is called Rituchakra with Ritu and Chakra meaning ‘series of changes’ and ‘cycle’. It really understands how we have natural, predictable fluctuations that affect mood, energy and cognition.

    The Doshas Kapha, Pitta and Vata describe the stages, each with its own fabulous qualities, considerations and activities that perfectly suit them.

    Ayurveda teaches us everything we need to know about understanding our hormones, habits, cravings, desires, moods, creative flow, focus, and productivity so that we know when to rock and roll, or when it is best to rest which enables balance and optimum health. 

    Your superpowers are revealed when you honor this cycle within.

    4-week Live Online Course with Nancy

    Next course starts in Sept/Oct.


    Every Saturday live on Zoom for 2 hrs+

     Investment: 599

    Attend with your daughter – daughter gets half-price!


    Become ayurvedic-wise -Save your spot!

    Next course will start in September / October! Dates Coming Soon!

    Timing will be announced according to the different time zones of participants.

    All calls will be live and recorded.

    Replays will be available 24 hrs after the live session and for the whole course duration.

    I invite you to shine light on these ancient menstrual rituals and work your menstrual magic.

    Give yourself permission to be with your cycle instead of existing against it.

    But most importantly, share this event with a friend, that you know needs to learn about that too or is struggling with menstrual problems. She will thank you for it.


    This course is for you if you…

    • Want to become body-wise & attuned with your natural cycle with Ayurvedic wisdom
    • Want to learn about ancient menstrual practices
    • Want to change your attitude towards menstruation and learn to experience menstruation as a gift
    • Recognise the importance of menstrual awareness
    • Realising the importance of creating a self-care practice that supports your natural cycle
    • Are passionate about elevating cycle awareness & period positivity in the world
    • Know that you’re ready to start syncing your cycle with your life & feel ready to make these positive changes
    • Want to teach this to your daughter(s)
    • Simply feel an inner YES to this course!


    Ayurveda At Home Retreat

    “The health of a woman is essential for the wellness of all beings and the planet and the Great Feminine essence is calling to be healed right now, more than at any other time in history. Our daughters need us as women to understand that we can guide and live empowered, authentic radiant wellness in all phases of our life.”

    –Dipika Delmenico, ND–

    A bit more about Nancy

    Nancy is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Educator & Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Founder of AyuForLife Koh Phangan, and a full-time (unshakable) optimist.

    Her mission is to teach body-mind awareness to conscious human beings who dream of awakening the holistic version within by balancing their holistic health and well-being to achieve body alignment and higher awareness of their mindset through being open to the universal guidance based on Ayurvedic wisdom. 

     Nancy is based on Koh Phangan in Thailand. She offers AyuForLife 1-1 Ayurveda Lifestyle coaching, consultations and therapies, online courses, masterclasses and retreats.

    Her Pitta/Vata constitution drives her zest for life, which she leads with a passionate, structured and honest heart. She feels equally at home hiking mountains and swinging kettlebells as she is relaxing in the spa between cuddles with her beloved dog.

    “I am so grateful for this ancient, sacred knowledge. I only wish someone would have taught me it when I had needed it as I developed into womanhood. If I had known when to rest instead of pushing myself to the limit, I am sure I would have had fewer problems than if I had possessed all this knowledge at a younger age. Since the Ayurvedic wisdom started to shine into my life, Ayurveda became my greatest healer and it can be yours too.”

    Unfortunately, western society still has a very conflicted and problematic relationship with menstruation; nobody really tells young women how to deal with their menstrual cycle when they are growing up, which continues into adulthood along with any problems they are experiencing with it. 

    It’s a shame such ancient empowering practices are widely disregarded as ‘period myths’ when, in truth, they are of enormous value to girls and women.

    Without knowing the scientific reasoning behind these practices, there are some deeply ingrained misconceptions in society that they are discriminatory against women which have resulted in deterring people from learning about them, despite the fact this view couldn’t be any further from the truth.

    Without casting blame, there is a great deal of inherited ignorance around the female cycle. Rather than allowing the same shame, taboos and misunderstandings to continue to be passed down to the next generation, we have the power to educate ourselves and our children on the science behind these practices. You will be amazed at the positive effects and benefits they can have on female health.

    It’s time to progress and break the cycle for the benefit of all women in our future.

    Let’s shine light on these ancient menstrual rituals and work your menstrual magic.

    Questions & Answer

    How much time will I need to invest in the course each week?

    We will meet for four Saturdays over the 4 weeks for 2hrs+. If you can’t join during the live call, you will receive the recording 24 hours after the session.

    My cycle is not regular or I don’t get my period. Is the course still for me?

    This course is for anyone who has (or has had) a period or who identifies as a woman. The content of the teachings is grounded in the experience of a ‘natural’ menstrual cycle, i.e. ovulating and menstruating because experience of a menstrual cycle (present or past) will help with integration of the knowledge. This course will help you to develop a healthy attitude toward your situation and may help you to improve your cycle.

    How is this course delivered?

    We will meet on Zoom every Saturday during the course duration. You will receive the Zoom link, ebook, and other materials by email. You’ll need an email address and a computer, tablet or smartphone to access Zoom. You can download the Zoom app to your smartphone or tablet.

    Will this course happen again?

    Most likely yes in 2023 but we have not scheduled new dates yet.

    I have a personal question. Can I message you?

    Yes, of course. You can email wholistic@nancyhuettig.com