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AyuForLife Treatments on Koh Phangan

Allow Nancy’s hands to paint your body with ancient Ayurvedic therapies.

Ayurveda Home Retreat - 23-26 September

I might not be able to bring the ocean or sandy beaches to your living room, but I can bring the beautiful light of Ayurveda into the comfort of your own home. for you!

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Nancy Huettig is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach & Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Founder of AyuForLife and full-time (unshakable) optimist. Here to awaken the holistic version in all human beings, she teaches body-mind awareness with Ayu4Life one-on-one coachings, consultations, therapies, online courses, masterclasses and Wholistic Island Retreats. Originally from Germany, she left after corporate burn-out and a string of life-shattering events woke her up to the big question. Whose reality am I living?

Her Pitta/Vata constitution drives her zest for life, which she leads with a passionate, structured and honest heart. She is equally at home hiking mountains and swinging kettlebells as she is relaxing at the spa in between cuddles with her beloved dog. Currently, Nancy lives on her beloved tropical island Koh Phangan in Thailand.

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AyuForLife Treatments on Koh Phangan

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